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Discover the Essence of Craftsmanship with Malka Spirits

In a groundbreaking partnership, Malka Brewery and Verstill Distillery came together in 2018 with a shared vision: to transform Israel’s beloved craft beer into an extraordinary spirit. The result? Malka Spirits, where tradition meets modern distillation to create something truly unique.
Our journey has been one of passion and precision. We swapped barrels of our cherished Blond Ale for Verstill’s expertly distilled spirits, each bottle a chapter in our story of innovation, detailed with handwritten notes of their origin.
Malka Spirits capture the soul of our Blond Ale, revered for its rich blend of spices, citrus zests, and coriander seeds. These flavors are the heartbeat of our spirit, offering you a taste of Israel’s pioneering craft beer in a new, crystal-clear form.
Every sip of Malka is more than a drink—it’s an experience, inviting you to savor the legacy of two creative forces united by the love of fine brewing and distilling. Raise a glass to the art of the craft and the joy of discovery with Malka Spirits.
Join us, where every pour is an adventure and every bottle tells a story.

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