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the matter

Malka Spirits are the result of a collaboration between Malka Brewery and Verstill Distillery.

In 2018, we started working with Verstill in order to distill Israel’s first craft beer into a new and richly flavored beverage that contains the ingredients of the beer in an unprecedented way.

Over the period of two years, we worked together on creating the distillate. During this time, barrels filled with Blond Ale were sent from our brewery to the Verstill distillery. In return, they sent the distilled Malka back in bottles with hand-written labels stating the experiment number, filling date and alcohol level. After a long period of experimentation and tasting, we found the perfect formula.

On the one hand, we invested a lot of love and care into the Malka Distillate and on the other, we invested innovative distillation technology that allowed us to create a clear product that contains the flavors and aromas of the original beer.

Malka Distillate is made from Malka Blond Ale, one of Israel’s pioneering craft beers and our flagship beer. Malka Blond Ale is rich in unique flavors thanks to the special spices including orange peals and coriander seeds that we add during the brewing process.

Our Spirits

Malka 44.4%
Malka Matured 44%
GIN 43.5%

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