Malka Brewery

The story of Malka Brewery began in 2006 out of a love for nature and a desire to promote the culture of craft beer in Israel. Initially established in Kibbutz Yehiam at the foot of an ancient fortress, our mission was simple: make the absolute best craft beer, with the absolute best ingredients. The pursuit of beautiful beers worked, and over the years the brand grew, and so did we. In 2018, production of Malka Beer moved to the Tefen Industrial Area where a world-class and state-of-the-art brewery was constructed.

Malka Beer is currently the largest craft beer brand in Israel. We are proud that after two years of collaboration with Verstill, our vision for expanding the qualities of Malka Beer to new exciting experiences has come true, and we are introducing our first distilled beer made from our pioneering craft beer, Malka Blond Ale.

Verstill distillery

Verstill is a spirits creation company that has developed innovative technologies aimed at modernizing the tradition of precise distillation and meticulous maturation. The company includes a team of alcohol experts, food engineers and chemists and is supported by a panel of local and international senior alcohol advisors with extensive experience in the field.

With advanced technologies that bring tremendous control of the chemical and physical aspects of the distillation process, Verstill was able to help us rapidly create the hyper specific flavor profile and nuanced qualities that have made Malka Beer so successful, captured in a distinctly smooth distilled beer spirit.