Malka Eau De Vie

From the heart of Israel’s craft beer revolution, we bring you Malka Eau De Vie. Crafted from the celebrated Malka Blond Ale, renowned for its infusion of whole oranges and coriander seeds, this spirit is a homage to the trailblazing character of Israeli brewing. Each bottle is a distilled celebration, encapsulating the bold flavors and pioneering spirit of its ale ancestry in its purest form.

Malka Eau De Vie Double Oak

Elevating the craft to an art form, Malka Eau De Vie Double Oak is the epitome of refinement. Going through controlled maturation process in select French and American oak barrels imparts a radiant golden-amber color and layers of complex oak and vanilla flavors. This distillate emerges with a fragrant bouquet, reminiscent of the barrels’ newness, culminating in a harmonious blend that marries the essence of grain, wood, and citrus in a singular, distinguished experience.

Malka Mediterranean

As the exclusive Israeli specialty gin rooted in craft beer, Malka Mediterranean makes an audacious statement in the spirits landscape. Originating from the robust grains and hops of our blonde ale, this gin is designed for sipping on the rocks, with an authentic touch of the local terroir. It features a symphony of regional botanicals like Baladi Cucumber and Jasmine, paired with the timeless flavors of Juniper and Angelica.
Notably, it includes Mastic, the revered spice integral to Greece’s Mastika, an ingredient as rare in gin as it is indigenous to the Galilee – the heartland of our brewery. In a tribute to our brewing heritage, we’ve introduced Baladi Cucumbers with a ‘dry hopping’ technique, giving the gin a signature fresh cucumber essence. Enjoy a taste of innovation and tradition with every pour of Malka Mediterranean.